Friday, November 21, 2008

Next Meeting December 2nd!

The next meeting will be held December 2nd at the Deerfield Library on Waukegan Rd. at 11:30am.   Please arrive 10 minutes early to network.  We will be meeting in the conference room next to Youth Services (in the event you need to bring your child).  Please let Riv or Natalie know if you plan on bringing your children so we can help you arrange supervision.  Don't forget business cards (enough to share with entire group) and at least one referral!

Monday, November 17, 2008

First Meeting Notes, 11.17.2008

Our first Mom4Profit meeting was a success! Thank you to everyone who attended. The following are notes from the meeting including information about next month's meeting.

1. Natalie welcomed the group and explained how Mom4Profit began, the inspiration and vision.
2. Everyone took turns giving their 30 sec. Elevator Speech/"who I am, the service I offer, what makes my business/service unique"
3. Qualifications and guidelines were discussed (follow original welcome email).
4. The group shared what makes Mom4Profit unique, including supporting balance of family and career, babysitting opportunity during meetings, and schedule flexibility.
5. Group discussed and said it should be the main source of communication and information sharing outside of direct emails (vs. Facebook). Although Facebook will still be available and monitored by Natalie for those interested.
7. Business Cards were given to each member. A suggestion was made to carry a Mom4Profit personalized business card holder to be available for referrals.
8. Different forms of marketing were discussed including links to everyone's websites through blog, links to relevant websites on own website.
9. For every meeting, members must bring at least one client referral for another group member as well as marketing ideas, resources, etc. to share with the group. Members will take turns each month going into depth about their services/product and leading the group following a set format.
10. Opportunity to invite speakers, people of interest to meetings.
11. Future meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month at 11:30am.
12. Next meeting location will be determined and led by Natalie and Riv to set the format for future meetings. A separate email will be sent confirming location and agenda.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email

First Meeting -- Quick update

"Thank you to all those who participated in today's meeting at the Starbucks in Deerfield. It was a lot of fun and productive at the same time! Look forward to our notes from the meeting and don't forget to check our blog! Please join us at the next meeting on December 2nd (location TBD)!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mom4Profit is Here!

Networking for women who are serious about their careers!

The network for women, of any age, who are trying to balance motherhood and career offers moral support for moms by moms in an open, supportive, creative and fun environment. We'll meet at monthly meetings that respect your family commitments.
And it's free!

  • There will only be one (1) person per profession, i.e., only one accountant, graphic designer, etc. in our group.
  • You must attend all meetings (exceptions will be made case by case)
  • You must have a legitimate business that has been operating for at least one (1) year with an excellent reputation.
  • While membership is for Moms only, networking opportunities and leads will be for both male and female clients, professionals and non-professionals, depending on your business.
  • New membership will be voted on by founding members. Others will be able to have voting privileges after one year of good standing in group.