Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Meeting Notes from December 2

1. Natalie and Riv welcomed all the new and returning guests.

2. Elevator Speeches were practiced and fine-tuned with the help of the group.

3. Riv discussed the importance of logging on to the blog and demonstrated how to do so on her computer.

4. Group discussed “Economic Stimulus Plan” and voted to have it posted on the blog.

5. Miriam suggested having a directory of professionals for easy access. Discussed the need for each member to recruit other members in order to grow our network.

6. Passed out referrals and reminded everyone of the need to provide at least one referral per monthly meeting.

7. Group discussed ideas of getting professional Business Card Holders so members can have other members’ cards conveniently located in one spot. All members agreed they would be willing to pay for one.

8. Passed out business cards.

9. Discussed future meetings and the expectation that each member would be responsible for planning for a meeting including location and agenda.

Deborah Michaels volunteered to host January’s meeting.

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