Friday, December 5, 2008

Next Meeting

Tuesday, January 6th
This meeting will be chaired by Deborah Michael
North Shore Pediatric Therapy
1308 Waukegan Rd. Suite 103
5 buildings south of Lake on the west side of Waukegan. Red brick building with some dentists in front. Park in back and go to lower level and wait in the family lounge (waiting area). There is an adjacent coffee lounge where anyone is welcome to grab a coffee, tea or hot chocolate while we meet up. Lets start with a quick tour and then head up to the conference room with me, Deborah Michael, Founder and Director, Occupational Therapist, and Mother of 5.
Please bring your top three or four core values to discuss. These should be values that are also your personal values and never change, even if your market changes. They are the “glue” that keeps your employees, your team, yourself together. Focusing on these will help you build a team, network, and “sell” yourself and your company. At North Shore Pediatric Therapy they are:
1) Be Invaluable to your families
2) Think solutions, get results
3) Continuous growth
4) Positive attitude and maximum performance

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