Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 3rd Meeting Notes

Here are highlights of our last meeting which was hosted by Rachel Rosenberg, Arbonne consultant.
1.   Welcome new members: Irina Ratner - Muralist Artist, Interiors by Irina, Dena Levy, Levy Law Solutions & Helen Plavnik, FemaCare Obstetrics & Gynecology.

2.  Members reviewed decision to stay with current, updated blog and some were given more detailed instructions.  Members told to use blog for main communication and for emails only to Natalie and Riv.

3.  Members given Economic Stimulus Spreadsheet and told to choose at least one member's offer/discount before the March meeting.

4.  Natalie and Riv expressed need to create committees to handle Mom4Profit growing needs, including legal, website, referral/stimulus tracking, membership, promo, PR/Media.  Members need to contact Riv or Natalie at with their choice asap.

5.  Rachel Rosenberg ended the meeting with a short introduction/review of Health & Welllness, particularly for women and the products they use.  She also introduced the 80/20 Rule for business, that shows how most of our income (80%) comes from 20% of our clientelle.  
6.  Our next meeting will be held on March 3rd, and will be hosted by Erin Krex.

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