Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Topic For Next Meeting

Next week's agenda will be primarily about making this network of incredible business women efficient, productive, powerful and of course money making.
Everyone will be asked to take a couple of minutes to state what they need from the group, their target market, and review their stimulus offer.


  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone today! ALso happy to say that we are fully staffed now at NSPT with two brand new occupatioanl therapists-Wash U trained-who are amazing! Thank you for your help in our recruitment efforts!

  2. Hi, everyone. In preparation for this meeting, I would like to post the following:

    What the group can do for Mummies and Masterpieces:

    Refer my site/contact info to:

    * Religious and Secular Schools (private, public, etc.)
    * Synagogues/Churches
    * Summer camps (overnight, day camps)
    * Hospitals
    * Nursing Homes
    * Community Centers
    * Libraries
    * Preschools
    * Day care centers
    * Park Districts
    * After School Directors
    * Profit or non profit speakers' bureaus
    * Parents making Bar or Bat Mitzvahs (we organize charity activities for the child and his/her friends...making murals for children in hospitals or shelters in Israel, etc.)
    * Parents looking for unique gifts for their child's school or individual teachers (we offer gift certificates for classroom programs)

    My stimulus package is THIRTY PERCENT OFF of any classroom or museum program.

    I really look forward to today's meeting and to finding out how I CAN HELP YOU ;-)