Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Next Meeting - September 1st

Hi Everyone!
Our next meeting will be hosted by Susan Fireside, Winter and Construction, our resident branding expert. Topic: "Worst logos ever. A fun look at some designs that convey the wrong message. I'm sure that when Arlington Pediatric Center went out to create a brand they did not mean to convey sex. See what happens when good intentions go bad."

Also, we'll be presenting our new Membership contracts and applications, please be sure to bring your check books to complete the registration process and pay 2009-2010 dues. Thank you to everyone who submitted their input, we definitely kept them in mind!

Location: 829 Green Bay Road, Highland Park, 60035

Time: 11:00 (please be on time, we have a lot to cover!!)

RSVP: to blog ASAP (please be respectful to this month's host and rsvp in a timely manner)

Looking forward to seeing everyone!