Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Next Meeting - October 6th

Hi Everyone,
What an incredible beginning to a new year. Happy New Year, to those who are celebrating this week! Our last meeting was hosted by Susan Fireside...thanks Susan! We signed new applications and contracts for the new year and reviewed many of our new guidelines. Last week, several of us attended the Make It Better: North Shore Night of Clubbing and we were very pleased to see Mom4Profit represented. It was a fun evening. We also, with a huge applause to Susan Fireside, managed to send out an Ad for Mom4Profit to Make It Better. This ad will be featured in their new magazine Better, set to launch in October. A banner ad will also be shown on their online version. Thanks for everyone who participated!

Next meeting will be hosted by Lilya Sirazi, Lilya Sirazi Designs.

Location: 500 Elmwood, Wilmette 60091

Time: 11:00am (Networking and New Members/Guests)
11:30am Regular Meeting

RSVP: to blog (please call Natalie to help with setting up profile and rsvping.)


  1. Ladies,
    My house is in Wilmette, not Winnetka!!!I hope to see everyone at the meeting,
    Lilya Sirazi

  2. Thanks for hosting Lilya, I will be there.

    Stacy Repkin

  3. Miriam will be there. Thanks.

  4. I will be out of town from this Friday through all of next week. I cant believe the timing. I am sure I will be back next month. I was very ill all last month or would have made the last meeting. I plan on catching up with you all in November. I can help with anything if someone wants to contact me with any tasks that may need to get done. Thank you ladies!

  5. I MIGHT not be able to come. I am training a new admin and don't think I can leave her for 2+ hours on her second day.

  6. Hi. I look forward to tomorrow's meeting. Thanks for hosting ;-)